Classic imitation genuine leather sandal for women, casual shoes for women

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Classic imitation genuine leather sandal for women, summer flat sandals, casual shoes for women.

    Material: imitation leather. PU
    Comfortable and secure fit: With the perfect amount of padding, you can run all day with ease and comfort. Construction is designed to give you a secure and comfortable fit based on the size you choose.

    Quality and value: why spend more on high-end seasonal styles, year after year, when you get the same design quality at competitive and discounted prices?

This style can be for almost any outfit with designs to help accentuate your legs and highlight your creative and fashionable look.

    WORLDWIDE ON NEW WRAPPING? : We love animals as much as you do. During the production of these shoes no damage was caused to any animal. We only work with manufacturers or brands that are very respectful with the environment and we take them with them.