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We help companies, dedicated to the sale of products, to make their supply purchases in China in the most fluid, safe, and profitable way.

Let's be honest, cultural differences in international trade are desperate.

The language barrier, and cultural differences, can become a real nightmare if you want to supply your company with products made in China:
    • Not knowing how to identify reliable suppliers, before and during your trip, will waste valuable time.
      • Not speaking the same language, literally and metaphorically, and having to communicate with your providers through interpreters who speak limited English, multiplies the chances of misunderstandings.

      • Not knowing the Chinese business mindset puts you at a disadvantage in negotiations and conflict resolution.

      • Not controlling the production, quality and shipment of your merchandise can be dramatic for your company.
      Discover how easy it is to buy in China when you find a trusted agent who looks after your interests as you would yourself.

      We help you understand everything that happens on your trip and your negotiations


      We help you find the ideal suppliers to manufacture your products


      We help you manage all import-export processes in an agile and efficient way


      We help you to personally control the quality, shipment and shipment of your merchandise


      We help you manage the documents you need to make your purchases in China

      Choosing MUTUAL is like having your purchasing office in China.